2021 Ford Expedition Features and Specs near Miamisburg, Ohio

2021 Ford Expedition in Miamisburg, OH


3.5L 6cyl Turbo

Fuel Economy:

17 city / 24 hwy*


375 HP


470 lb-ft

Serving Miamisburg, OH

The 2021 Ford Mustang has exceptional updates, most of which are technological, and they enhance the efficiency of this vehicle in any road condition. It is also powered by a more potent engine, enhancing its abilities, especially when off-road. The 2021 Ford Mustang is capable of high performance, and our team is very impressed with it. This piece has outlined some of the other impressive features that make it an ideal vehicle in its class.

Engine and Performance

During the 2021 Ford Mustang online test drive, you will see that it is powered by a 460hp engine, paired to a 10-speed automatic transmission that guarantees that this vehicle accelerates smoothly. This car’s braking system is also impressive since it guarantees that it decelerates well, even if it moves at high speed. Furthermore, this vehicle also has a unique steering system that is responsive, even when the driver is steering through a sharp bend, which helps the vehicle to make precise turns. The suspension system of the Ford Mustang is also impressive because of its ability to guarantee smooth riding, even when the road is bumpy. Ideally, this suspension system absorbs all the disturbances on the road.

Interior Comfort

During the online test drive with Interstate Ford, you will see that the cabin space of this vehicle is also wide enough to allow for extra breathing space for anyone inside the vehicle, which also plays a major role in enhancing comfortability. Behind the back seats, there is also somewhere that cargo can get stored. If this space is not enough, the back seats of this vehicle are foldable, meaning that they can get folded to increase the space. Besides, there is also an excellent infotainment system inside this vehicle that has many features for entertainment and others for basic information about the status of this Ford Mustang at Interstate Ford. There’s a Bluetooth feature that the driver can use to pair the phone to the infotainment system. This can be done to listen to music from their phone or for them to receive phone calls through the infotainment system. This is very important because it guarantees that their concentration on the road is not interfered with.

Safety Features

The Ford Mustang at Interstate Ford has excellent safety ratings, making it one of the safest cars in its class. During the 2021 Ford Mustang online test drive, you will see an automated emergency braking feature that is important in preventing forward collisions. In general, when the system detects anything that may cause a collision in front of the vehicle, it alerts the driver. The driver is expected to control the car and contain it to prevent a collision from happening. Nevertheless, if the driver does not react quickly, the system uses its emergency braking feature to stop the car.

Moreover, there is a system that the driver can use to reverse the vehicle. The system has a rearview camera that helps the driver know the situation on the rear side of the vehicle. This way, they can be able to prevent collisions when they are reversing.

Indeed, the 2021 Ford Mustang is an exceptional vehicle that any driver can enjoy driving. Be sure to schedule an online test drive of this vehicle by clicking on the “red take a test drive” button.



*All figures are EPA estimates. Actual mileage may vary.